Sheet 5 – Realization design

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 19.27.58A realization sheet template can be downloaded here.

This is the realization design. This is what you think (at this stage of development) the visualization tool may look like, what specific visualization technique it principally uses and how users operate it (what functions it provides). The differences with Sheet 5 and sheets 2,3,4 is that the Discussion is exchanged for some Detail.

The detail should include more detailed information of how the information visualization artifact will work or will be created. This could include many details, such as:

  1. Description of what algorithms are being used (perhaps citations of those algorithms or some critical maths used by the algorithm)
  2. Any dependencies. E.g. this could be software libraries that the tool would be built upon, or aspects such as that it must be compatible with a current tool.
  3. Estimates of cost or time to build, or man‐months of effort
  4. Specific requirements such as details of any materials and quantities required. E.g. hardware requirements, amount of pixels
    on a screen.