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Sheet 5 – Realization design

A realization sheet template can be downloaded here. This is the realization design. This is what you think (at this stage of development) the visualization tool may look like, what specific visualization technique it principally uses and how users operate it (what functions it provides). The differences with Sheet 5 and sheets 2,3,4 is that the

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Sheet 2, 3, 4 – Initial designs

An initial design sheet template can be downloaded here. The three individual design sheets are to record three ideas from the initial brain‐storming exercise. The use of the number three is for guidance only. But, it is recommended that three design sheets are created. Too few designs mean that it is difficult to have a discussion

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Sheet 1 – Brain storm

A brainstorming sheet template can be downloaded here. The idea of brain‐storming is to enlarge the design space of possibilities. There should be a focus on quantity – to generate all the possible designs. This may, or may not, be a group activity. Brain‐storming on one’s own can be likewise rewarding. Also, software can be used

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